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Power Point Submission

We are always looking for new type of services and backIinks for your clients and this time we come up with brand new service - Power Point Submission.
New, fresh domains and links pointing to your site will have an amazing effect and will increase your positions in Google.


What you will get:
- Original creation of Power Point Presentation (you can give us your materials or requests and recommendations for presentation)
- Manual Submission of the presentation to 20 websites
- Full Report of the performed work
- Free Ping of links for faster indexing


- Backlinks from each presentation to your site
- Increase of mass of backlinks
- DA of domains 31-95 (old PR from 4 to 9)
- Potential traffic to your site - majority of links are not clickable but can bring traffic from people interested in your niche who will download the presentation.
- You can give us your own PPT and we will make the submission

Category Backlinks
Deadline 5 days
Price from $5.00


Products Products
20 Power Point Submissions
~5 Days


Service Extras
10 High DA Profiles
~1 Days
25 High DA Social Bookmarks
~0 Days
10 EDU Profiles
~0 Days
New unique 200 backlinks from top authority sites
~1 Days
1 EDU blog post with unique article
~3 Days
10 Press Releases (800 words unique article)
~3 Days
50 web 2.0 Properties, all unique domains, each with unique article, full manual work
~10 Days
2 High DA Editorial Posts with content creation
~5 Days

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thank you so much!! :)


good service

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