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Having a backlink to your site from a prestigious fintech news website is much more beneficial to your reputation and rankings than having hundreds of links from average sites.


Tech Bullion is exactly the website you need and it will help you attract relevant traffic and authority. It is a financial technology news website that focuses on worldwide fintech news and market.


In this service, we will write a high-quality article about your site or company, will include a link to your resource and will publish it on


Website -

  • 300K monthly traffic according to SimilarWeb
  • Ahrefs DR 77
  • DA - 63, PA - 56
  • 30% of traffic is coming from US visitors
  • guaranteed Google index


IMPORTANT: We don't accept the following niches:

  • casino/gambling/betting
  • dating/adult sites
  • pharmacy/CBD/marijuana
Category PBN / Guest Posts
Deadline 10 days
Price from $40.00


Products Products
400 words post
~10 Days
800 words post
~10 Days
1200 words post
~10 Days
400 words post (For Crypto and Online Trading)
~10 Days
800 words post (For Crypto and Online Trading)
~10 Days
1200 words post (For Crypto and Online Trading)
~10 Days

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