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Posts on Google News Websites

Contextual links are an important element of an off-page SEO strategy. Authority backlinks from trusted sources can significantly enhance your site's standing and rankings.

In this service we have prepared for you posts from Google News Approved websites. 
Yes, your content now have a high possibility to being in Google News.

All sites are general, but we have prepared multiple sections for all your needs:
- Business
- Health
- Technology
- Travel
- Lifestyle
- Sport
- Automotive
- Entertainment
- Fashion
- Food
- Home improvement
- Lifestyle
- Real Estate


Minimum DR of websites - 40, maximum - 60. 


Getting your posts on a Google News approved websites has a number of benefits:

SEO Benefits: Google News articles often rank highly in Google search results, which can help to improve the SEO of your content. High-quality backlinks from a Google News approved site can potentially improve the ranking of your own website in search engine results.

Credibility and Authority: Since Google News has certain standards for content quality and reliability, being included implies a certain level of trustworthiness.

Wider Audience Reach: Google News aggregates content from various sources and presents it to users based on their interests and preferences. This means that your content could potentially reach a much wider audience compared to being published on other platforms.

Increased Engagement: With a larger audience reach, you can expect increased engagement with your content in terms of comments, shares, and likes. This can further boost the visibility and impact of your content.

Brand Visibility: If you are aiming to increase brand visibility, being featured on a Google News approved site can be a good strategy. It can expose your brand to a large number of people and help in building a strong brand presence.

Potential for Virality: Content featured on Google News has a higher chance of going viral, as it can quickly reach a large number of people. This can sometimes result in a massive spike in traffic and visibility.


Adult niche not allowed.

Category PBN / Guest Posts
WEB 2.0
Deadline 7 days
Price from $15.00


Products Products
1 Post
~7 Days
3 Posts
~7 Days
5 Posts
~10 Days
10 Posts
~10 Days
20 Posts
~20 Days
30 Posts
~20 Days
40 Posts
~25 Days
50 Posts
~30 Days


Service Extras
1 EDU Blog Post
~1 Days
1 Apsence Post
~1 Days
1 Linkedin Post
~1 Days
Digital Journal Post
~2 Days
TechBullion Post
~2 Days
Niche Edit Link DR 30+
~5 Days

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